Ms. Giovanna Pacchiana Parravicini


Giovanna Pacchiana Parravicini, a founding partner of the firm since 1998, deals with disputes related to employment law and specialises in particular in trade union law.

In 1994 she won a doctorate in labour law and industrial relations at the University of Pavia, which she completed in 1997.

She has been a researcher of labour law and industrial relations at the University of Piemonte Orientale since 2002, in addition to being head of the Labour Law course at the Department of Economics and Enterprise Studies at the same university.addition to being head of the Labour Law course at the Department of Economics and Corporate Studies at the same university.

From 2000 to 2007 she was Executive Advisor for Piedmont at the Centre for the Study of Labour Law "Domenico Napoletano".

She has been a member of the national executive council of the AGI - Italian Employment Lawyers Association since 2013.

She has been a speaker at various conferences in the field of labour law and trade union law and is a member of the AGI, AIDLASS (Labour and Social Welfare Law Association) and the Domenico Napolitano Centre for Study.

She is a lawyer of the Supreme Court.


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