The Law Firm of Pacchiana Parravicini and Associates offers legal advice in the following areas of private and public labour law:

  • Drawing up of individual subordinate, para-subordinate and autonomous employment contracts;
  • Drafting of agency and commercial representation contracts;
  • Drafting of disciplinary codes, ethical codes, company regulations and various kinds of policies;
  • Preparation of non-competition, confidentiality, privacy and stability clauses;
  • Assistance in the transfer of individual and collective workers, task changes, secondment, and other employment contractual conditions;
  • Assistance in international labour mobility;
  • Disciplinary procedures;
  • Individual and collective dismissals;
  • Drafting of tender contracts;
  • Due diligence on all aspects of subordinate and autonomous employment law;
  • Assistance in conciliation procedures regarding the National Employment Service and trade union groups;
  • Assistance before the courts;
  • Assistance with arbitration proceedings;
  • Workplace safety and accident prevention;
  • Advice and assistance in drafting organisational models pursuant to Law 231/2001.
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